1)  How does Axzora- Just Fix It work?

     Being an Online platform, Axzora - Just Fix It! helps you choose among services you want at your doorstep. The Axzora platform provides       a list of service professionals in Goa and users can connect with those professionals for a specific service in a particular location.


2)  How can I join Axzora-Just Fix It! as a Service Professional?

     If you are a skilled and experienced service provider in a certain profession and ready to provide doorstep services, you can register by           downloading Axzora’s service provider app/website on your phone/desktop and fill in the details required to complete the registration               process.


3) How will Axzora benefit from me joining as a Service Professional?

     Axzora - Just Fix It! Is basically looking forward to help local service providers get business with No profit margin for the few years.


4) How can I book the service?

     You can follow the below steps to book a service.

  1.  Register on Axzora as a user.
  2.  Choose the time, date, service location.
  3.  Book the service
  4.  Service professional will confirm the booking and deliver the service.


5)  How soon can I book the service?

     Can book anytime on the available timings of the service provider.


6)  What happens once I book the service?

     The service provider will receive a notification, he will accept the booking or reschedule the booking at a different suitable time and deliver       the service.


7)  How to cancel a booking?

     Go to booking list .Click on cancel button to cancel booking and give the reason of cancellation.


8)  How to reschedule a booking?

     Go to booking list .Click on reschedule button to reschedule booking.


9) How can I contact the Professional?

    There is chat section available through which you can chat with the professional.


10) When will the professional reach for delivering service?

      Once booking is confirmed, professionals will reach at the time and place mutually agreed.


11) How can I book the same professional again who delivered my last service?

      Just click on the booking done previously and book the service again.


12) Which are the working days and hours available to book a service on Axzora-Just Fix It! ?

      Availability time varies with service professionals.


13)  How to pay for the services?

       There are currently two modes of payment : COD and wallet payment.


14) How can I rate and review the service of a Professional?

       Click on Ratings and Reviews link available once the service is completed.